For some reasons I can't explain, I had to make some little modifications in the source code of the downloaded libraries. Here are the steps I followed:

  • Following the recommendations at:, I executed the following commands:
    • git clone git://
    • qmake


      make install
  • When I typed the "make" command, some errors appeared (I need to clarify that I entirely installed QT creator and other packets from Debian official repositories (apt-get). The first issue was that I did not have installed packages qtbase5-private-dev and libqt5websockets5-dev (maybe I needed to install qtdeclarative5-dev).
  • This solved the dependencies issues, but compilation errors like this remained: qmqtttopicfilter.cpp:206:26: error: no match for ‘operator==’ (operand types are ‘QString’ and ‘QLatin1Char’)
                 || d->filter == QLatin1Char('#')
  • Following the same recommendations, I opened the file with my QT and made the following modifications at the qmqtttopicfilter.cpp file:
    • || d->filter == QLatin1Char('#')             -------------------->                  || d->filter[0] == QLatin1Char('#')
    • if (level != QLatin1Char('+') && level !=   -------------------------->        if (level[0] != QLatin1Char('+') && level !=
  • Voilà.. the problem is fixed and now it can be compiled. Then I tested the result with the subscriptions example.