This code implements the routing algorithm introduced by [Savidge et al, 2006] for wireless image sensor networks. The code can be compiled with TinyOS 1.5.x and tested in simulation tool TOSSIM. The sources can be downloaded in the following link:

If you use this implementation, please cite our work:

Cristian Duran-Faundez, Pablo Sáez-Srain, Daniel G. Costa and Gilbert Habib. "Simulating Image Communication over Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks Using TOSSIM". [Accepted to be presented] In: The Third International Conference on Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering and Mechatronics (EEETEM2017).



L. Savidge, H. Lee, H. Aghajan, and A. Goldsmith, “Event-driven geographic routing for wireless image sensor networks,” in in Proceedings of the Proceedings of Cognitive Systems and Interactive Sensors (COGIS 06), 2006.